Form Fit

The primary objective behind wearing a mask is to minimize the possibility of catching an air-bone infection during inhalation
and also to avoid exhaling infection which might endanger those nearby.

Neither of these objectives is met if the mask does not fit well and allows the wearer to breathe around the mask rather than
through the mask.

A simple test of the fit (as the video below illustrates) is to check for fogging of spectacles when used along with the mask -
simply breathe out from the mouth and if the glasses fog up, your mask is ineffective.     On the other hand, if the mask fits well, the
glasses will not fog up.

Our masks are designed to effectively seal the face from all sides and thus protect the wearer.     The use of natural dyes and
organic cotton ensures that the wearer does not breathe-in harmful chemicals.     In fact, the therapeutic properties of the dyes
help aid healing!

To obtain a form fit we use:-

  • a padded, strong and wide nose strip to allow contouring to face
  • an adjustable strap to pull the mask without causing discomfort around the ears
  • a chin support that seals the area under the face