all day mask

Wearing a mask in public or when in a closed space with strangers is the most effective protection against the scourge of COVID -19.
Wearing a mask for long durations and frequently, creates a few underestimated issues that our all day mask addresses.
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  • hypoallergenic
  • dyed with 100% herbal and floral extracts so that you do not breathe in harmful chemicals
  • soft cotton
  • soft elastic band with fabric tubing
  • head strap to transfer pressure from ear
  • designed to allow breathing room - literally
  • adjust nose strip to prevent fogging of spectacles
  • 2 layers of GOT certified Organic Cotton + 1 layer of cotton fusing
  • sizes to suit your face
  • adjustable strap for a better fit
  • padded nose strip to contour the mask to your
  • contoured for the face
  • soft shades to team with you outfits
  • hand washable

To buy choose Colors below....

To buy choose Colors below....