Therapeutic properties of natural dyes

Natural Dyes, as the name suggests are obtained from natural sources as diverse as Roots, Bark, Leaves, Fruit
and minerals - there are hundreds of such sources and combinations with different naturally occuring
mordants yield an even bigger, bewildering range of hues.

Apart from the obvious advantages of being sustainable and eco-friendly, most of these natural dye sources
in fact offer therapeutic properties and many of these sources find uses in ancient systems of medicine from
Ayurveda to Unani to Tibetan and even Chinese.

We have chosen to use only a few of the combinations available, choosing them on the basis of ease of use
and quality and reliability of resultant dye and of course the Therapeutic Benefits each dye offers.

Since our fabric dyeing process does not use any chemicals - herbal/floral dyes tend to have lower
washfastness in comparison to synthetic dyes and we recommend that you handwash these garments with
mild detergent without pre-soaking and dry them in shade.     See product care for details.

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